Thank you for your interest in West Seneca Christian School. We are honored that you are taking the time to learn about WSCS and are considering the Lord's leading to become part of our family here.

At West Seneca Christian School, we are delighted to partner with families in providing a Christcentered and academically challenging education. Since 1974, WSCS has been educating students to prepare them to serve Christ. We provide a college preparatory education with a strong emphasis on phonetic reading in a loving environment. Over the years we have developed an application process that will allow us to know how we can meet the needs of your family. Schedule a free and no-obligation educational success consultation today!

Explore our website and contact us for more information about WSCS!
Contact us to set up a free and no-obligation educational success consultation with our administrative and admissions team.
Complete the written application given to you at the educational success consultation and return it to the school along with the non-refundable enrollment fee.
Depending on the grade level of the prospective student, entrance testing may be required and will be set up by our admissions team.  This testing is usually done in August, a few weeks before school begins.
Fully Accredited by the New York Association of Christian Schools

Enrollment Details:

A student is admitted on the basis of former achievement, placement testing, an interview with the administration, and openings in the particular grade level. General behavior is carefully considered. It is the policy of the school not to accept students whose accomplishments and/or behavior have not been up to acceptable standards. All students entering are on a nine-week trial basis both academically and behaviorally. The admission procedure is as follows:

  1. Complete an enrollment application. We encourage families to apply online as it simplifies the submission process. A non-refundable fee of $125 must be paid with each application.

Prospective students are invited to shadow during the school year. Another student in the grade level your student will be entering will accompany prospective students for the day.

  1. Be sure to submit the most recent report cards and achievement test results. Included should be both academic and behavioral information. West Seneca Christian School has limited abilities to accommodate for academic or behavioral special needs students. A copy of a student’s current IEP must be submitted with the
  2. Schedule a time for your student to take an entrance This test provides benchmarks in the areas of math, reading, and language. You may preview a sample test at
  3. Meet with the administration for the student interview. During the interview, parents will review the statement of faith, statement of cooperation and financial policies of West Seneca Christian School. Acceptance of a student into the school is contingent upon parents agreeing to these
  4. Upon acceptance:
    • Each family must enroll in the FACTS payment system. Payment options are available. For special consideration or circumstances, a meeting must be scheduled with the administration to discuss any financial
    • Sign the Statement of Cooperation Form
    • Complete the Emergency Contact Form
    • Provide a current physical (within the last year) and immunization records
    • Provide a copy of student’s Birth Certificate


It is understood that attendance at West Seneca Christian School is a privilege and not a right. It is understood that if a student does not cooperate in maintaining high ideals of academic work and Christian conduct with respect for authority and peers, he will be asked to withdraw should the general welfare demand it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Students at West Seneca Christian School dress in a way that will help them focus on learning and avoid as many distractions as possible.  While they do not wear a uniform, they do have dress code expectations.

Read more about our dress code here.

West Seneca Christian School does not provide bus transportation to or from school, although we do have a bus available for field trips, class activities, and athletic teams.

Under New York State law, any public school district which provides transportation for their own students must also provide transportation to private schools within 15 miles.  You can read more about state law here.

You should contact your local bus garage / transportation department quickly after you decide to enroll at WSCS in order to give them time to arrange bus transportation.  Our office can help you get in contact with your district’s bus garage, but arranging transportation is an arrangement between you and your local district.  WSCS cannot make these arrangements or deal with problems related to them.

West Seneca Christian School is an unregistered, substantially equivalent secondary school under New York State education laws and is not permitted to give Regents tests or diplomas.  WSCS is fully accredited by the New York Association of Christian Schools.  Please read more about our academics on our website.

West Seneca Christian School is fully accredited by the New York Association of Christian Schools, an agency recognized for accreditation by the New York State Department of Education.

For more information on our accreditation status and other academic areas, please visit this page on our website.

West Seneca Christian School is required by New York State law to require certain immunizations prior to a student’s matriculation.  We have no control over this requirement as it is set by the state government.  You can read more about New York’s requirements on their website.

At the time of this writing, the state does not require vaccination for COVID-19 or HPV.

Students must submit an immunization record along with their dental and physical report as a part of the enrollment process.

Our classes at West Seneca Christian School are 15 or fewer, and many are 12 or fewer.  Because this will vary from grade to grade and from year to year, please contact us to find out more about your child’s class size.

In our secondary program for grades 6 through 12, some academic classes such as history or science will draw from two different grades to allow us the flexibility to offer as many classes as possible.  Even when combined, the classes rarely have more than 15 students in them, allowing each teacher to give attention to the needs of each student.

West Seneca Christian School’s day begins with a tardy bell at 8:20 and ends at 3:05.  Students may arrive as early as 7:45 in the morning.  No early care is available before 7:45.

At West Seneca Christian School, after care is available for a charge until 5:30 PM on most days.  (Parents are notified well in advanced when after care is not available, except when it is cancelled because of a snow emergency.)

This is an unstructured play and study time available to assist parents who cannot arrive by 3:15 in the afternoon.  Parents are given a phone number they can call when they arrive at school to pick up their children from after care.

West Seneca Christian School has partnered with FACTS for our tuition management.  Each family is expected to create an account with FACTS upon being accepted for enrollment.

For more information on FACTS, please visit this page on our website.