Our Dress Code

At West Seneca Christian School, we promote the learning of all children by establishing a dress code reflecting the professional atmosphere we foster throughout our program.  Please note the following guidelines:

Boys’ Classroom Dress:

  • Boys are to wear shirts with a collar, such as button-down dress shirts or 3-button polo shirts. Students in PreK through 2nd grade will be permitted to wear shirts without collars as long as they appear neat and dressy.
  • Shirts must be buttoned with no more than one button open. In grades 6 through 12, all shirts are to be worn tucked inside the pants.
  • Students in grades 3 through 12 must wear pants with a belt.
  • Sweaters and school apparel may be worn with an appropriate collared shirt underneath.
  • Dress shoes must be properly laced and tied, and socks must be worn. Athletic shoes are allowed for appropriate class dress. Flip-flops, Crocs, or any type of athletic sandal is not permitted in class.
  • No shorts or T-shirts are allowed for outer attire except as gym dress or athletic uniforms.
  • Boys are not permitted to wear earrings, bracelets, or necklaces. Body piercings or tattoos are not permitted.
  • Students should not wear cargo pants, painters’ pants, fatigues, jeans, or any style with pockets stitched outside and down the legs of the pants.
  • Baggy, frayed, or torn pants or pants that have elastic at the base of the pant legs are not permitted.
  • Gym shorts should reach the top of the knee.
  • Hats or hoods are not to be worn in the building.
  • Outdoor clothing (jackets, sweatshirts, hoodies, boots, etc.) other than WSCS apparel is not to be worn in the classroom or between classes.

Girls’ Classroom Dress:

  • Skirts/dresses must come to the knee.
  • Slits must also come to the knees or be adequately pinned or sewn shut.
  • Uniform pants, purchased through Land’s End, may be worn on non-chapel days. Girls in grades 6 through 12 may also weal palazzo pants on non-chapel days.
  • Permitted pants must be loose fitting at all times.
  • Permitted pants may be worn for athletic dress.
  • Students may lose the privilege of being able to wear acceptable pants if they abuse the privilege.
  • It is recommended that students purchase a size up from their normal attire.
  • Blouses or shirts should be long enough to cover the back and midriff when stretching, sitting, or bending over.
  • T-shirts are not acceptable for class dress.
  • To help maintain a professional atmosphere, shirts with company names, slogans, mottos, graphics, or other sayings should be avoided. However, fabric designs that promote professionalism are acceptable.
  • Sleeveless shirts and dresses must come to the end of the shoulder. Tops must still fit tightly under the arm.
  • Outdoor apparel is not to be worn in the classroom. Outdoor clothing (jackets, sweatshirts, hoodies, boots, etc.) other than WSCS apparel is not to be worn in the classroom or between classes. Students should keep a sweater at school in cold weather.
  • Flip-flops, Crocs, or any type of athletic sandal is not permitted in class.
  • Heels should not be excessively high for safety reasons.
  • Leggings are acceptable when worn under a skirt or dress as long as the skirt or dress reaches to the top of the knee.


Click here for a PDF of WSCS’s full dress code policies.

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See What Our Families Say!
Parent of Current Student
As a family whose children have attended West Seneca Christian for the past 17 years, we place a great deal of confidence in the work of the school. Our children, who have already graduated, have been well prepared for college academically. They have also enjoyed and benefited from their opportunities to participate in sports, drama, and student body leadership roles.
Local Pastor and Parent of Current Student
Our experience with WSCS has been reassuring to us as parents. We were impressed that there is a school and teachers who care deeply about educating children as well as supporting them being raised with biblical values. As a father with a son in the school, as well as being a pastor serving in western New York, I see the need for a godly atmosphere in which children can be educated and raised with biblical values. I am thankful for all those who serve this school that have a heart to see our children succeed academically and spiritually.
Recent Alumnus
During my first year at college, it was quite noticeable to me that spending my high school life at WSCS thoroughly prepared me for college. I leaned at WSCS how important communicating with your teachers is for doing well in a class. WSCS challenging academics was similar to my college classes. I felt that the writing classes I took at WSCS prepared me extremely well for college writing expectations.
Parent of Current Student
We are greatly pleased with the elementary program at WSCS. One of the things we were looking for in a school was one that taught the phonics approach to reading. Both of our children benefited from this system at WSCS and are now avid readers. They have a firm foundation for continued academic success. And more importantly, all teaching is done from a Biblical perspective and is always God honoring.
Parent of Current Student
We appreciate the school’s emphasis on developing Godly character in our children. Values such as kindness, compassion, integrity and respect are demonstrated by the teachers and encouraged in the students daily. The environment is positive and fun with clear boundaries in regards to the proper behavior that is expected in the classroom. And this has led to our children developing good self-control at an early age. WSCS is quite a blessing!
Parent of Current Student
The small class size is an advantage to help the kids learn at their own pace. It allows the teacher time to work with each student one-on-one based on their individual needs. My kids enjoyed going every day and I would highly recommend sending your child to WSCS kindergarten.
Parent of Current Student
WSCS was able to balance the responsibility of preparing its students to serve the Lord while also producing excellence in the classroom. I participated in fine arts as well as athletics which allowed me to develop friendships that still exist today.
WSCS Alumnus
The extracurricular activities allowed me to develop as an individual as well as learn to work in team settings. Both of these characteristics have been essential as I continued my education and worked my way through corporate America. I am continually appreciative of what I learned and I thank God for the opportunity I was given to attend West Seneca Christian.