A Message from Our Assistant Administrator

Thank you for stopping by the West Seneca Christian School website.  Raising children is among the greatest of joys for parents, and it carries enormous responsibility.  At WSCS, our goal is to assist parents in their God-given responsibility to raise their children in the nurture and admonition of our Lord.

We offer a full program for our students, ranging from the our four-year-old children in pre-kindergarten all the way through our oldest ones in twelfth grade.  Our youngest students are taught basic reading and writing skills from their first day in school.  Our oldest students are prepared to enter college with a rigorous academic program.  All of our students, however, begin their instruction with God’s unchangeable word as their foundation.

At WSCS, we believe that any education without the Bible is incomplete and dangerous to its students, for the fear of the Lord truly is the beginning of both knowledge and wisdom, the practical application of knowledge.  While we strive to give our students a complete academic education, we believe that any complete education must begin with a focus on the One who created all knowledge, our Lord Jesus Christ.

Our students enjoy an exciting student life atmosphere, where classmates are often best friends and teachers can be trusted counselors.  Because of our small size, students can get to know many of their classmates, even ones several grades above or below their own.  These friendships also provide the potential for positive peer pressure and modelling through godly leadership.  It is our prayer that students can enjoy the experiences of West Seneca Christian School.

My wife and I are privileged that our oldest child graduated from West Seneca Christian School in 2023 and that our two remaining children are current students at West Seneca Christian School this year.  She and I are graduates of Christian high schools and we look forward to seeing all three of our own kids graduate from WSCS.  We have seen personally the great benefit of Christian education in our own family, and we would enjoy sharing with you what we have seen God accomplish in these special ministries.

Our school has had a rich heritage of students who have gone on to successful college experiences and on to great careers and has even had graduates who have served the Lord as preachers and missionaries.

Please contact me at bryan.fry@gowscs.com or our admissions team at info@gowscs.com if you have any questions about our program or if we can be of service to you in any way.  We wish you all the best of God’s rich blessings!


In Christ,

Mr. Bryan Fry, MEd